Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is Terragraph technology?
    The Terragraph technology, developed by Facebook and provided by YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (“YTLC”), is an advanced wireless technology with fibre-like broadband speed without laying fibre-cables, which will enable cities and other dense urban areas to leapfrog with quality broadband. Designed to use existing street structures, this first-in-Asia trial will enable rapid deployment of gigabit level wireless connectivity to benefit more communities.
  2. What is this all about?
    This is a first large scale market trial that is designed to provide Terragraph technology experience to the masses in a real environment. The collaborative effort between YTLC and Penang State Government, supported by Facebook, is in line with the aims of the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan to improve broadband quality and coverage, reduce broadband price and enable Internet access for all. The Public WiFi and Fixed Wireless Access will be provided during the Trial Period. We will use this opportunity to learn and to explore ways to harness this gigabit wireless technology.
  3. What are the benefits of using Terragraph?
    As mentioned above, Terragraph technology aims to provide fibre-like broadband speed without laying fibre-cables by utilising existing street furniture and advanced technology. As a result, it can be deployed faster and more cost efficient than fibre. The Terragraph solution is also designed to be operated with low transmission power (under 10 watts Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power (EIRP)).
  4. How can users participate in the trial?
    There are two services that we will be trialing:
    1) Public WiFi – if you have a WiFi capable device, simply go to a Yes-Terragraph Coverage Location and surf the Internet by signing-in using either Facebook or Google ID. Please go to to find out more details.
    2) Fixed Wireless Access is a free WiFi service available at Yes-Terragraph Coverage Locations. We intend to invite residential users, as well as government departments and businesses to use the Fixed Wireless Access during the Trial Period. Please go to to find out more details and to register your interest.
  5. How much does a user have to pay to use Terragraph?
    During the 6 months trial period starting March 1st, 2019 (“Trial Period”), we will be offering Public WiFi service and Fixed Wireless Access for free.
  6. How is Terragraph different from the existing Yes 4G LTE service?
    Terragraph is a gigabit wireless network technology and it provides fiber like speed for Fixed Wireless Access service. This is the first large scale market pilot in Asia. Yes4G LTE is a fully mobile technology, in fact, Malaysia’s only pure 4G,pure-VoLTE network.
  7. Will Terragraph be affected by rain or thunderstorms since the receptors are placed on the streets?
    Terragraph has in-built hardware and software designed with capabilities to manage adverse weather conditions. We will be using this trial to study how well it performs under tropical environment.
  8. When will Terragraph be launched or expanded to other cities or markets?
    Currently, we are running a market trial in the Yes-Terragraph Coverage Locations. During this Trial Period, we will be studying the feasibility of introducing this Terragraph technology to other cities based on suitability.
  9. Who will be handling customers’ enquiries or complaints during the Trial Period?
    Please contact us @
  10. Which are the Yes-Terragraph Coverage Locations?
    These are the initial Yes-Terragraph-coverage locations:
    1. Sri Weld Food Court
    2. Love Lane
    3. Masjid Kapitan (Mosque)
    4. Georgetown World Heritage
    5. Campbell St Market
    6. Armenian St Street Art (Kids on Bicycle)
    7. Yap Temple
    8. Malay Mosque Lebuh Acheh
    9. Goddess of Mercy Temple
    10. Chulia St Night Hawkers
    Please check for updates on Yes-Terragraph coverage locations (“Yes-Terragraph Coverage Locations”).