YTL Communications, FrogAsia and CSS Management Launch “Learning in the Cloud” Project for Enhanced Teaching and Learning via Integrated Online Solution

Encouraged by the positive feedback of teachers and students towards using digital learning content in class, SJK(C) Sentul embarks on pilot initiative to provide the national curriculum via the Frog VLE and Samsung 4G Chromebooks
Kuala Lumpur, 1 November 2013 – In partnership with SJK(C) Sentul, YTL Communications, FrogAsia and CSS Management today launched the “Learning in the Cloud” project today, to showcase how primary school courseware content can be delivered in classrooms via the Frog learning platform and Samsung 4G Chromebooks, in a way that is more engaging and effective for teachers and students. This project was launched by YB Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, Deputy Education Minister 1, together with Dato’ Yeoh Soo Keng, Executive Director of YTL Communications, Mr. Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer of YTL Communications, Mr. Thomas Chee Kong Yong, Chief Executive Officer of CSS Management Sdn Bhd and Mr. Eddie Heng Hong Chai, Chairman of the Board of Governors of SJK(C) Sentul.

In line with the vision of 1BestariNet, a project by the Ministry of Education that is equipping over 10,000 schools throughout Malaysia with high-speed Yes 4G Internet and the Frog VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), a learning platform for education, the Learning On The Cloud project leverages technology to enable greater flexibility in learning beyond the traditional classroom and improve learning outcomes.

“I am happy that with what the government has put into place, the Learning in the Cloud project is able to leverage on the current 1BestariNet infrastructure today and take the future of learning a step further. It is exciting to know that as part of this project, every student is able to use the Frog VLE to learn all their core subject lessons through Chinese Smart School courseware developed by CSS Management. This is possible as each student has access to a Samsung 4G Chromebook,” said Datuk Mary Yap in her address at the launch event.

In this project, every student of a Standard 4 class in SJK(C) Sentul is using the Frog VLE to learn their lessons through Chinese Smart School courseware developed by CSS Management (also known as Edutech). All teachers and students of the Class 4M are covering the five core subjects, namely Bahasa Malaysia, English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics and Science of the national curriculum for primary schools on the cloud-based learning platform. Each student has access to a Samsung 4G Chromebook, as part of a Mobile Chrome Lab donated to the school by YTL Foundation. The delivery of CSS digital courseware, a popular digital teaching resource amongst Chinese national schools, was previously only possible from the front of a classroom via a projector. With the content now incorporated in the Frog VLE, teachers have been able to take their lessons further. The teachers and students were given the Chromebooks six weeks prior to the launch and the results to date have been outstanding.

“In the last six weeks, the school has seen an increase in student engagement in the classroom and increased efficiency in work done by students. This in return is making the teachers enjoy teaching their lessons more. In a survey conducted with parents, there was an increase in the perception of parents towards the benefits of using technology in education due to the results seen in the children. It is amazing to see that with technology, parents, teachers and students are being connected and involved with each other in a way that has not been possible before,” said Mr. Eddie Heng Hong Chai, Chairman of the Board of Governors of SJK(C) Sentul.

At the launch event, a mobile classroom was set up in the hall to show all the content and the impressive work that the school had done. Teachers and students showcased what they had been doing in class and explained enthusiastically the difference it had made in their class, while parents were also there to explain the journey.

“My son is really excited and motivated to study now. He has even got his grandmother and younger sister excited about the programme and technology,” said Mrs. Evelyn Tan, a parent at the school.

Teachers at SJK(C) Sentul are also very excited about the Learning in the Cloud project. “It has helped me evaluate my class in a more effective way and be able to quickly identify the areas my students need help in,” explained Ms. Lim, a teacher in the school.

With this integrated learning solution comprising of Edutech courseware, Samsung 4G Chromebooks and the Frog VLE, teachers can seamlessly integrate the questions provided in the courseware with collaborative activities on the Frog VLE to foster increased engagement through discussion and group work, and students can take home their learning with them, giving them access to their school work in a simple and effective way.

“This project is very effective because it connects the teachers, students and parents in one platform. This way parents and teachers can work together to provide a conducive learning environment for the students,” added Madam Kow Soy Soy, Principal of SKJ(C) Sentul. “Learning in the cloud is the future of learning, and we are so thrilled that we are able to pioneer this in our school.”

In order to ensure that the project is a success, FrogAsia is working closely with every teacher involved so they can best utilise the Frog VLE to help achieve teaching and learning goals for their class, such as improvement of academic performance in Maths, through the use of the devices and digital coursework.

“We believe that by providing students with greater access to the Internet and flexibility in learning, we’re empowering them by placing the world within their reach through the click of a mouse. We know that this is a model that works to improve education and we want to see this replicated in other schools. We are very excited to be working together with CSS Management and the Ministry of Education to make this a reality, not just Chinese schools but also all national schools in Malaysia,” said Dato Yeoh Soo Keng, Executive Director of YTL Communications.