YTL Communication Joins Forces With UQ Communications of Japan to Lead Next-Generation Wimax Ecosystem

Kuala Lumpur, 11th July 2011 – YTL Communications, the world’s first operator with a fully converged mobile 4G network, today announced that it signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Japan’s leading WiMAX broadband service provider, UQ Communications on July 7 2011, to further enhance both entities’ leadership positions in the 4G space and to advance the development and adoption of next-generation WiMAX technologies.

The collaboration of expertise will develop roaming partnerships, promote the harmonization of WiMAX standards and facilitate the exploration of new markets

“Amongst 4G standards, WiMAX is the most matured and widely adopted in the world. The signing marks the next phase in its advancement as we work with UQ Communications, a leader in its own right in one of the most advanced wireless countries in the world, to propagate the adoption of next-generation WiMAX technologies and to foster the development of 4G ecosystems in Malaysia and beyond. We’re extremely excited about collaborating with a like-minded partner to develop solutions that will ultimately enable our customers to see new innovations that will further improve their lives and help our country realize the potential of an Internet enabled economy,” said Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications.

The signing coincides with the successful world’s first WiMAX2 field test conducted by UQ Communications on July 7 in Tokyo, Japan, where the delegation from YTL Communications, led by YTL Group Managing Director Tan Sri (Dr.) Francis Yeoh, along with some 50 other international guests, witnessed a WiMAX2 wireless mobile network deliver a downlink speed of over 130mbps in a moving vehicle.

“Today we witnessed the next revolution in mobile broadband. This is the future of wireless internet”, said Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, “as a young man, I fought hard to promote no censorship in Malaysia. Now with ground-breaking technologies such as WiMAX2, Internet will be a force of good that will improve the lives of millions around of world. We are pleased to be a pioneer in this space.”

The two operators will collaborate on business and technical partnerships to drive WiMAX ecosystem development, delivery of high-value innovations and exploration of new market opportunities. Both parties will also serve as catalysts to the development and adoption of the next-generation WiMAX2 standard. In addition, YTL Communications and UQ Communications are expected to promote international roaming amongst WiMAX operators worldwide.

WiMAX2, the next generation WiMAX standard based on IEEE 802.16m, is an ITU designated International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (IMT-Advanced) standard. It performs better than current LTE technologies while maintaining full compatibility with existing WiMAX devices.

“We are excited about this collaboration with YTL Communications as there is much for both parties to leverage and gain from each other. As a result of the widespread adoption of WiMAX in key markets around the world, the WiMAX ecosystem is ready to advance to the next level of development with WiMAX2. Together with YTL Communications and our expertise in WiMAX, the collaboration will mean further enhanced user experience and performance to meet the increasing demand for even faster mobile connectivity to support the prevalence of cloud-based applications and services. With this collaboration, YTL Communications and UQ Communications will take WiMAX to the next level,” said Akio Nozaka, President UQ Communications.

About UQ Communications
UQ Communications Inc. is a leading provider of WiMAX mobile broadband services in Japan. UQ launched its commercial service from July 2009 and has been expanding its coverage since then. The data network is currently available nationwide and provides up to 40Mbps download speed to mobile environment. The company promotes its services through its own UQ WiMAX as well as its wholesale providers. UQ provides various WiMAX devices such like USB dongles, WiMAX Wi-Fi routers (portable model / home-use model), WiMAX embedded laptops and smartphones. It also promotes M2M WiMAX adoption to digital signage, vending machines, surveillance cameras and many other business applications. As for the network expansion, UQ is committed to providing WiMAX coverage to 90 percent of Japan by 2012.

About Yes
Yes, a brand under YTL Communications, offer the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice service. Yes is the first mobile operator to bring mobile internet and voice together in one plan. Yes offers the lowest mobile rate in the industry and currently covers over 65% of the population of peninsular Malaysia. With its robust 4G network as a backbone, Yes is looking forward to introduce the world’s first fully converged wireless service right here in Malaysia by 2011.

About YTL Communications Sdn Bhd.
YTL Communications Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary and the communications utility of YTL Power International Berhad and part of the YTL Corporation Berhad Group. The Company plans to provide affordable, world-class services that improve the way people in Malaysia work, learn and play. For more information, please visit:

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