YTL Comms 4G Mobile Internet Comes with Exceptional Customer Care 2.0 Experience

Kuala Lumpur, 2 September 2010 – Gearing up for the Q4 launch of its converged 4G Mobile Internet Service, YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (YTL Comms) is going the extra mile for its customers by designing a very unique and unparalleled way to offer customer service.

YTL Comms is creating Malaysia’s first Customer Care 2.0 service, through which customers will enjoy a seamless, unified, and smooth customer care experience across all touch-points and channels of interaction – be it social media, email, phone, web chat, face-to-face or the Web. The system will run on several key technologies from Oracle Corporation.

“For many businesses all around the world, the ascent of social media translated into a customer service paradigm that just listens to public comments online and reacts to them there and then,” said Ali Tabassi, Chief Operating Officer, YTL Comms. “But it is not enough to only keep tabs on what customers are saying about you if you don’t use this feedback to drive real improvements within your organization and offer your customers more control, convenience and choice. This is exactly what we want to do and why we have chosen to utilize solutions from Oracle, a market leader in customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and Buzzient, the pioneer in providing this feedback transparently in existing Oracle applications”.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, Customer Care 2.0 by YTL Comms will use Web 2.0 capabilities to give customers transparent processes and facilitate self-service and many-to-many community care. This will to make all interactions with YTL Comms a breeze and ensure exceptional service support.

• Self-service
Understanding that customers find waiting frustrating, YTL Comms is putting a great deal of focus on enabling self-service. This way, users of its 4G Mobile Internet service, will be able to quickly find the information they are seeking from the web without having to visit a service center, hold on the phone or wait for an email. With self-service capability, the customer will be able to do just about anything that can be possibly done by the customer.

• Many-to-many care
As an Internet company, YTL Comms strives to offer customers an opportunity to share their ideas, solutions and innovation with other users. This will empower customers to exchange ideas and make a better use of the same product. Many-to-many care is about enabling the community to help each other with troubleshooting and suggesting new ways of making use of our products and services.

The community care part of Customer Care 2.0 will also give our 4G Mobile Internet customers an avenue to interact with YTL Comms and participate in the creation of new features they would like to see in our future products and services.

“We never let ourselves forget for one minute that our job is not just about providing innovative products and services people will love, but making sure we put smiles on customers’ faces every step of the way”, added Mr. Tabassi. “By designing Customer Care 2.0, we have removed the silos inherent to the traditional way information is shared in dealing with customers. Our customers will not be redirected to different departments for different queries, asked to keep updating their information with different departments and systems nor treated like they are all the same. Customers have different interests and affinities and through Customer Care 2.0 methodology we will know the difference, which will enable us to offer customized information and approach.”

The foundation of YTL Comms’ Customer Service 2.0 relies on four key solutions from Oracle: Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management, Oracle Database, and Siebel Contact Center. Basic operations such as calls, emails, chat and fax will be enriched with blended predictive and preview dialing, interactive voice response (IVR), multichannel reporting, and tools for supervisors to manage the Interaction Center for a superior customer experience all around.

To complement the services of the Oracle CRM On Demand, YTL Comms will also be deploying Buzzient Enterprise™ – an enterprise-class social media analytics application. When integrated with Oracle CRM On Demand, this next-generation Internet solution will gather and process all social media information relevant to YTL Comms and feed it back to Oracle CRM On Demand for a timely, 360° internal and external reaction.

“The ability of Buzzient to automatically gather social media feedback from consumers and seamlessly present this information through Oracle CRM On Demand will provide YTL Comms with an unparalleled Customer Service 2.0 solution”, said Timothy B. Jones, Buzzient’s CEO.

About YTL Communications Sdn Bhd.
YTL Communications is the communications arm of YTL Corporation. The Company plans to provide affordable, world-class converged 4G services that improve the way people in Malaysia work, learn and play. With a strong financial backing from the parent company and the technological know-how from best-in-class partners such as Cisco, Clearwire, GCT Semiconductor and Samsung, YTL Communications will roll out a nationwide 4G mobile Internet network in 2010. The company is committed in supporting the National Broadband Initiative (NBI) to increase the broadband household penetration rate to 50% by end-2010, bridging the digital divide between the urban and rural communities, improving the quality of life, and supporting efforts to promote technological innovation. For more information, visit:

About Buzzient
Buzzient was founded out of work at the Center for Digital Business at MIT, and uses patent-pending technology to automatically collect information from social media sources in real-time, analyze the content based on customer specifications, then turn this social media data into actionable information through integration with contact center and CRM applications The complete Buzzient Enterprise™ solution gives customers everything they need to leverage existing sales and customer support processes in the world of social media. The company has operations in Cambridge, MA USA & Boston’s Innovation District.