Y E S to Education

23 March 2020, WEDNESDAY – Y E S, the mobile 4G brand under YTL Communications (Y E S), is stepping up to get all Malaysians to say YES to Education in empowering YTL Foundation’s Learn from Home Initiative. The Learn from Home initiative led by YTL Foundation is a wholesome answer to provide learn from home resources in firstly, learning modules and syllabus in powered by FrogAsia and secondly, in free data for parents of all students in government run institutions of learning from primary to upper secondary levels powered by Y E S.

YES is one with the rakyat in these challenging times and shares the concern that the future of our nation should never be compromised. In this regard, Y E S has chosen to deploy access to the learning facilities and modules by FrogAsia on Malaysia’s only all IP network powered by Y E S. All Malaysian parents irrespective of geography and township will have equal access to the best in pure 4G connectivity. Consistency of data to empower learning in these uncertain times is a requisite and an essential hygiene so that the future of our nation’s children will not be compromised and this is YES’ commitment to ensuring that Amazing Things Happen When You Say YES.

YES will be offering a free Y E S to Education sim pack of 40GB valid for two months to each parent for each child in a government run school of learning from primary one until upper secondary six. These Y E S to Education sim packs will be available from the time of announcement until the 31st of May 2020 and the data within valid for 60 days from the day of activation. Each household will be able to request for a delivery of one (1) Y E S to Education sim pack per eligible child in a government run public school and up to five (5) Y E S to Education sim packs where eligible as allowed by regulatory authorities to be delivered to their doorsteps.

In order to facilitate seamless and safe delivery of these Y E S to Education sim packs, Y E S has chosen to answer the call of the nation in these challenging times by going above and beyond while still observing mandatory hygiene and safety processes to ensure all Malaysian parents will have access to the necessary data for education and usage of the child.

Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (Y E S) said, “Education has always been a core part of our DNA at Y E S and our mission of providing the best of mobile connectivity to all Malaysians. In this moment of unprecedented crisis where our country is coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and all of us striving for normalcy and calm, we want to do our part to ensure that our children in this country will not be bound by limitations of geography and accessibility to continue their learning at home. Many families will be stretched to afford the bare essentials and YES understands its role in providing free internet services as part of lessening the burden on the people at this moment of need. We aim to deliver Y E S to Education sim cards right to the door steps to those who need this so that they have free access to the learning resources provided by FrogAsia. Stay safe and stay learning. To this we say Y E S to Education.”

Please visit www.ytlfoundation.org/learnfromhome to apply for the free YES pre-paid sim cards and to register for FrogPlay. For more information about Y E S’ latest promotions and plans, customers can check out Y E S’ official website at www.yes.my.