Yes Reinvents the Mobile Phone with Yes Life

Full mobile phone functionality concentrated in a free application that’s compatible with leading mobile platforms and operating systems
Kuala Lumpur, 12th May 2011 – Yes, the Fastest 4G Mobile Internet Service with Voice, powered by YTL, today reinvents the mobile phone with the launch of its full-featured Yes Life application for iOS devices. Now available for download from the App Store, Yes Life for iOS enhances the iPad and iPod Touch with full mobile phone functionality, transforming these popular mobile internet devices into mobile phones without the need for any additional hardware or complicated settings.

From left: Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh, Managing Director of YTL Group and Executive Chairman of YTL Communications, Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications, Dato Yeoh Seok Hong, Executive Director of YTL Communications, and Ali Tabassi, COO of YTL Communications, at the recent launch of Yes Life for the iOS.

Yes Life for iOS is also available for the iconic iPhone, providing users with an additional mobile phone number that brings with it Malaysia’s lowest calling rates. All of this comes conveniently in one single device without the need for an additional SIM card.

For iPhone users, this second phone number will also yield considerable cost savings. In addition to the lowest rates in Malaysia, there are no roaming charges when users call home to Malaysia from abroad using Yes Life. Unlike conventional mobile services where roaming calls are charged double or triple the local rate, calls to Malaysia from anywhere abroad with Yes Life are charged at the same rate as a local Malaysian call at 9 sen per minute. Similarly, text messages sent to Malaysia from abroad using Yes Life are charged at Malaysia’s lowest rate as well (9sen/SMS with Yes).

Yes Life, already available free for PC, is now available (for free) for the Mac OS X 10.6 and above, and is also compatible with iOS devices running version 4.0 and above. This includes all versions of iPad, iPod Touch (3rd generation and above), iPhone 3GS and beyond. It is estimated that there are 300,000 iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone users in the country.

Yes Life for Android and BlackBerry devices will follow in the coming months.

“With Yes Life, we have reinvented the mobile phone. This amazing yet tremendously easy to use application brings the immensely powerful features of a mobile phone right into mobile internet devices that previously did not have voice call and SMS capabilities,” said Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications. “By bringing mobile phone functionality to popular mobile internet devices like the iPad and iPod touch, Yes Life breaks down conventions and completely changes the way we use these devices. Now virtually any mobile internet device is a full-featured mobile phone complete with a mobile number that you can use to make and receive calls and send text messages without the need for additional hardware, SIM cards or complicated settings. Best of all, Yes Life brings all these features to you for free.”

In the advanced 4G ecosystem, voice telephony and SMS are just subsets of the Internet. As the country’s only truly converged mobile operator, Yes is able to offer these functionalities through one single application that is compatible with virtually any internet capable device. Yes has redefined the mobile phone by integrating services that were previously heavily hardware dependent into what is now an application based service.

“We find ourselves in a position where we need different devices to do different things,” said Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, Managing Director, YTL Corporation Bhd and Executive Chairman, YTL Communications Sdn Bhd. “However, all that is required is a smart software to converge the functions of a mobile phone and that of a mobile internet device into one. Yes Life is this smart software. This is an innovation that is unparalleled today in the world.”

iPad, iPod touch and iPhone users can now make mobile phone calls and send text messages using any of their devices or computers at Malaysia’s lowest rate with just one mobile number. In addition, when in Malaysia the users will benefit greatly from the country’s lowest IDD rates offered by Yes.

While Yes Life works flawlessly with the Yes 4G network, the beauty of the application is that it can also work with just about any internet connection you can find at home or abroad. Whether you’re riding on a free WiFi at your favourite hotspot or using your existing mobile 3G connection, Yes Life just works to give you the complete benefit of seamless convergence at Malaysia’s lowest call and IDD rates and no roaming charges.

“With Yes Life we are taking convergence to the next level. By making our mobile telephony services available for some the most sought after mobile internet devices in the world, we have greatly amplified our unparalleled capability by enabling users with seamless connectivity across multiple devices with just a single user ID and mobile number. I might add that these iOS device users will further benefit from pairing up to four of their favourite devices with our Yes Huddle (4G mobile hotspot) to enjoy a full-throttle 4G experience. Indeed, the Yes 4G network is full of innovations that Malaysians can benefit from and appreciate everyday.” Wing concluded.

In conjunction with the launch of Yes Life in the App Store, users are offered a free 14-day trial, which comes with RM5 usage credit for calls and SMS. At just 9 sen per minute or per SMS, this equates to over 50 minutes of free calls and close to 56 free text messages.

Yes Life for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store starting today. For more information about Yes Life visit

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About Yes Life
Yes Life is a revolutionary communications application that allows users to communicate across multiple platforms and internet-enabled devices using one single ID and mobile number. With Yes Life there is no need for additional SIM cards, multiple mobile accounts or mobile numbers – all your communication needs are available at your fingertips on your favourite devices with just one user ID and mobile number.

About Yes
Yes, a brand under YTL Communications, offer the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice service. Yes is the first mobile operator to bring mobile internet and voice together in one plan. Yes offers the lowest mobile rate in the industry and currently covers over 65% of the population of peninsular Malaysia. With its robust 4G network as a backbone, Yes is looking forward to introduce the world’s first fully converged wireless service right here in Malaysia by 2011.

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