Yes Launches the Huddle XS – Small and Powerful Movement

Encouraging random act-of-kindness to bring positive change to the nation
KUALA LUMPUR, July 4th, 2012 – Yes, the 2012 Most Innovative Service Provider of the Year at the recent Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards, launched the Huddle XS – Small and Powerful Movement today to encourage the general public to create a movement of positive changes in this nation.

The public is encouraged to share stories and ideas on random acts-of-kindness which may lead to positive chain reactions for our modern society at large. Stories and ideas can be submitted on between 4 July 2012 and 3 August 2012.

Yes is championing this movement and hopes to inspire small and powerful acts of selflessness from the ever increasing net native generation population by promoting the globally recognized ‘Pay-It-Forward’ concept. As the world becomes more technologically dependent, Yes seeks to encourage today’s modern society to continuously perpetuate human touch and values to ensure mankind’s virtues are not lost with the presence of high-tech devices.

“People today communicate and socialize through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Most of us can become so immersed with our own virtual lives that we sometimes forget about the world around us. It’s time to pull ourselves back and re-engage with the physical world,” says Reggie Chee Pok Jin, Chief Marketing Officer of YTL Communications.

He adds, “We believe that small actions that we do everyday lead to a chain reaction that may accumulate in a large change. At Yes, our mission is to bring positive change to the nation, and our 4G network is built to cultivate collaboration between every person through the Internet as well as bringing the interaction in person. With this Small and Powerful movement, we encourage everyone to participate so that, together, we can change the world, one deed a time.”

A total of 14 units of Huddle XS (RRP: RM480) will be given away to contributors with inspiring ideas. The Huddle XS is a small and powerful mobile WiFi Hotspot device which allows connection sharing for up to 5 friends/devices. This recently launched device has proven to be a hit with subscribers due to its powerful 4G connectivity under a small and sleek form factor.

As part of the movement, a video has been created to encapsulate Yes’ adaptation of the Pay-It-Forward concept. To learn more and submit your ideas, go to or Terms and conditions apply.