Yes Launches ‘Eclipse’ – The World’s Smartest 4G Phone

Purpose-built dual-mode 4G Smartphone runs on high-speed Yes 4G network, unleashing the power of mobile Internet.
KUALA LUMPUR, May 02, 2012 – Yes, the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice service provider, launched the Eclipse, the worlds smartest 4G phone today, unveiling the next step towards limitless mobile connectivity and communication in Malaysia. Purpose-built to run on the Yes converged 4G network, the Eclipse delivers the “smart” in smartphones.

“This revolutionary device will provide users with amazing possibilities. Not only does it embody the advanced telephony and high speed 4G data connectivity our Yes network has to offer, it elegantly supports legacy GSM telephony at the same time,” said Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer of YTL Communications. “The Eclipse stretches the boundaries of communications and puts our world-class 4G network in the hands of smartphone users,” he added.

It is the only phone in the world that delivers advanced 4G telephony while supporting GSM services at the same time. With a single native dialer and SMS module, users will reap the benefits of being able to make and receive calls and SMSes from both mobile numbers while enjoying Yes 4G Internet.

“The Eclipse was designed and built to provide users with seamless connectivity,” Lee explained. “We are in an age where the mobile Internet is becoming more and more pervasive. With the blazingly fast mobile Internet performance of the Eclipse, our customers will have a full-fidelity mobile Internet experience in their hands. This new smartphone goes beyond what other smartphones are capable of doing.”

Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Francis Yeoh, Executive Chairman of YTL Communications, said. “There are none in the market who has and can deliver the “full fidelity” mobile Internet experience, like 4-way video conferencing, streaming video and audio without waiting, uploading albums of photos on your favourite social network sites in a flash, sending and receiving large attachment e-mails, downloading large applications and playing online games without lag. All these experiences are common features on this device.”

He added, “This 4G smartphone feeds on the internet, thrives with the internet and we hope, in time, be a major contributor to the betterment and advancement of the internet. This is positive change!”

The prestigious launch event was attended by YB Dato’ Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communications & Culture, who stated, “YTL has been developing Malaysia’s own 4G smartphone for the past 17 months. They have been working hard to design and produce a next generation 4G smartphone that works seamlessly on Malaysia’s largest 4G network, operated by YTL. What YTL will deliver is something that has been built from the ground up by our very own local talent pool and is proof that Malaysian companies can be competitive in the global technology industry.”

He further emphasized, “I am really proud of this and I congratulate YTL on making this bold and innovative venture to spur the transformation of Malaysia into one of the world’s most advanced wireless broadband countries. With the launch of the Yes smartphone – the world’s smartest 4G phone – Malaysians will be able, for the first time, to experience the real power of the 4G mobile Internet conveniently in their hands.”

Manufactured by Foxconn, the same quality manufacturer for tier 1 brands such as Apple, Dell, HP and Sony devices; Eclipse uses Android as its foundation, enabling users to download hundreds of thousands of exciting apps available on Google Play. It has an inbuilt mobile Wi-Fi router that allows connectivity for up to 4 devices, and is the only smartphone in the world that can facilitate carrier-grade 4-way mobile video conferencing. The device also possesses a custom designed power management system that not only provides greater battery life for 4G and GSM communications, but also enables high performance 4G data at the same time.

As a fully converged mobile service, the Eclipse and Yes offer an unbeatable voice call tariff of 9 sen per minute anytime to all networks across the nation, plus attractive IDD rates for calls around the globe. There are also no roaming charges when used overseas, as the Yes telephony service can be accessed through cellular data or Wi-Fi connectivity globally.

The Eclipse is available at all Yes stores and Yes retail partner outlets and is priced from as low as RM390 with the Eclipse 138 plan, and comes free with the 24-month Eclipse 238 plan.

Huddle XS – Small Yet Powerful!

Along with the Eclipse, Yes also introduced the Huddle XS, the world’s smallest mobile hotspot device. Like its sibling, the Huddle, the device can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously with Wi-Fi Internet connectivity at speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G. The refinements to this latest model include a sleeker and lighter design with battery life that lasts up to 6 hours. Retailing at RM480, the device will be available at any Yes Store and our retail partner outlets for only RM80 with any Yes Super Postpaid plan.