Yes Introduces the All-New Unlimited Super Postpaid Plans

The fastest 4G mobile internet service with voice now comes with postpaid subscription, giving customers the best combo of value and performance
KUALA LUMPUR, March 06, 2012 – Driven by a strong demand for value and performance by consumers, Yes, one of the most advanced 4G networks in the world, is proud to announce the official launch of its all-new Unlimited Super Postpaid Plans today.

The Yes Unlimited Super Postpaid Plans are the best postpaid internet plans in the country offering unmatched combinations of performance and value. The plans were created to meet the needs of different segments of users from low-data to high-data users, both for personal and work purposes. The four plans are designed to give consumers flexibility and freedom based on their usage pattern:

SUPER 48: RM48 monthly susbcription for data usage up to 1.5GB generally for light users and casual surfers who also check e-mails, read news, and download apps on the go.

SUPER 68: RM68 monthly susbcription for data usage up to 4GB mainly for steady social users who update their status with pictures and videos.

SUPER 98: RM98 monthly susbcription for data usage up to 6GB more for power users with multi-devices who juggle work with play and often send and download large e-mails or play online games.

SUPER 168: RM168 monthly susbcription for data usage up to 10GB ideally for business executives and video users as well as content lovers who watch and share a lot of online videos and love to video-chat.

All plans come with unlimited data usage, speed as fast as 20Mbps across all plans and free Yes devices with commitment. Subscribers can also enjoy the lowest calls and SMS rate at 9 sen per minute / SMS and the best IDD rates with Yes Life. With one Super Postpaid plan users can connect multiple Yes devices to get the internet and telephony services and receive only one bill.

“All our customers love the amazing speeds, stability, and consistency of our 4G network but some of them want the convenience of unlimited data usage and use-now-pay-later option of a postpaid subscription. We listen intently and we’re pleased to offer them with exactly what they want. Yes now offers a complete portfolio of price plans that provides the best value and performance, either postpaid or prepaid, any which way you look at it,” said Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer, YTL Communications.

“We believe that customers want a fair deal. When we designed our Super Postpaid plans, regardless of what customers pay us on a monthly basis, all of them will get to enjoy benefits of full 4G speed”, he added.

The Yes Unlimited Super Postpaid Plans are now available today at our Yes Stores, Yes Kiosks and Yes Retail Partners. For more information, visit