Yes Connects Apple iPad Fans to Fastest Mobile Internet

Kuala Lumpur, 30th November 2010 – Yes, the Fastest Mobile Internet Service with Voice, is giving all new Yes customers another reason to power their iPads with Yes, and by doing so, truly enjoy the best way to experience the web, email, videos and photos. Customers save RM50 on their Yes ID activation when they purchase the Yes Huddle and the Apple iPad at the iPad showcase located at the Yes flagship store, Lot 10 shopping centre from now until December 31. In addition, customers who sign-up for the Yes ID from today until December 19 get 10GB data usage for free – all at a very low monthly minimum usage of RM30.



Yes Huddle at the glance


With the Yes Huddle – Malaysia’s first 4G MiFi (WiMAX in – WiFI out) device – and the Yes 4G mobile network, iPad users can realise the full potential of the iPad. The Yes Huddle connects today’s WiFi devices to the 4G future. With the Yes Huddle up to five devices – like the iPad, iPhone, and iPod – can connect to the Yes 4G network via WiFi giving the user access to 4G mobile speeds five times faster than 3G even when in a moving vehicle, all with just one account.

The Yes Huddle costs RM399 outright and when combined with the cost of an iPad with WiFi, is still RM50 cheaper than getting an iPad with 3G and WiFi.

Effectively, with the Yes Huddle, users get a 4G powered iPad cheaper than 3G, at 3 – 5 times the speed.

Global trends show that iPad users consume more data, in some instances up to three times more than iPhone users who are already amongst the highest data consumers in the mobile industry. With such high data usage, mobile networks around the world are finding it difficult to cope and deliver performance that can unleash the true potential of the iPad tablet.





Apple iPad


“The iPad is an amazing device and it needs an amazing network to live up to its fullest potential. With Yes, you get the best data plan for the iPad on the best mobile Internet network in the country. With the iPad, users are watching even more videos, downloading more songs, uploading more pictures, sending out more emails and spending more time surfing the Internet. When a device is designed for this purpose, you don’t want to limit it with videos that have to buffer and slow data transfer speeds. When you say “yes”, you are saying yes to speeds 3 – 5 times faster on your iPad than what you would get with 3G.” said Jacob Yeoh, Executive Director, YTL Communications.

About Yes
Yes, a brand under YTL Communications, offer the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice service. Yes is the first mobile operator to bring mobile internet and voice together in one plan. Yes offers the lowest mobile rate in the industry and currently covers over 65% of the population of peninsular Malaysia. With its robust 4G network as a backbone, Yes is looking forward to introduce the world’s first fully converged wireless service right here in Malaysia by 2011.

About YTL Communications Sdn Bhd.
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