KUALA LUMPUR, 24 SEPTEMBER 2019 – YES, the mobile 4G brand of YTL Communications and Singapore’s TPG Telecom Pte Ltd have emerged as the first Telecommunications providers in SouthEast Asia (SEA) to launch Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) Roaming. The VoLTE roaming solution is a first in the SEA region and also another milestone for YES, who continues to chart new heights of innovation. YES emerged as the first mobile operator in Malaysia to launch VoLTE service nationwide in June 2016 and remains Malaysia’s only all IP all 4G LTE network provider.

YES, having been the catalyst of new frontier technology in the Malaysian Telecommunications industry continues to deliver many numerous industry firsts including Terragraph and Gigawire networks plus the nation’s first and most advanced nationwide VoLTE service with crystal clear HD voice calls, multi-party conferencing and simultaneous voice and data operations.

Singapore’s government having the foresight for fostering further competition and innovation in Singapore’s Telecommunications industry and through that, introduced TPG as the 4th national Telecommunications operator.

Possessing similar DNA and appetite to pave the way forward to lead the industry’s charge of the next big thing, YES and TPG are pleased to lead the initiative to setup and deploy this new VoLTE roaming service and usher in the next era of innovation for the region. TPG Singapore has emerged as the first in SEA to launch outbound VoLTE roaming with YES complementing as the first network in Malaysia, to open inbound VoLTE roaming traffic from TPG Singapore.

“VoLTE roaming can only be achieved with the collaboration, close cooperation and considerable efforts of multiple mobile operators working to give their subscribers a superior mobile experience regardless of geographical location,” said Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA. “This is an important move for the South East Asia region and we hope to see many additional operators offering similar services in the not so distant future.”

The milestone marks the many firsts of the eventual evolution of frontier telcos that continue to innovate and drive VoLTE adoption across borders. VoLTE roaming will ensure High Definition (HD) quality voice services and all the benefits of VoLTE during roaming which includes faster call connections, longer battery life and enhanced security.

TPG’s Acting CEO, Mr. Richard Tan said, “Malaysia is one of the top destinations for Singaporeans and it is natural for TPG to start there. Many of TPG subscribers can now enjoy free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia on YES network during this promotion period.”

YTL Communications’ CEO, Mr. Wing K. Lee said, “As catalyst players in both geographies, it is only natural for us to join forces in delivering a regional first. We are proud to announce the launch of the region’s first cross border VoLTE roaming where both YES and TPG customers can continue to enjoy quality LTE and VoLTE services when they roam on our networks. This new level of customer experience enhancement is a strong testament of the value of energetic catalysts like TPG and YES can add to our respective countries.”