23 March 2020, WEDNESDAY – Y E S, the mobile 4G brand under YTL Communications (Y E S), is stepping up to get all Malaysians to say YES to Education in empowering YTL Foundation’s Learn from Home Initiative. The Learn from Home initiative led by YTL Foundation is a wholesome answer to provide learn from home resources in firstly, learning modules and syllabus in powered by FrogAsia and secondly, in free data for parents of all students in government run institutions of learning from primary to upper secondary levels powered by Y E S.

YES is one with the rakyat in these challenging times and shares the concern that the future of our nation should never be compromised. In this regard, Y E S has chosen to deploy access to the learning facilities and modules by FrogAsia on Malaysia’s only all IP network powered by Y E S. All Malaysian parents irrespective of geography and township will have equal access to the best in pure 4G connectivity. Consistency of data to empower learning in these uncertain times is a requisite and an essential hygiene so that the future of our nation’s children will not be compromised and this is YES’ commitment to ensuring that Amazing Things Happen When You Say YES.

YES will be offering a free Y E S to Education sim pack of 40GB valid for two months to each parent for each child in a government run school of learning from primary one until upper secondary six. These Y E S to Education sim packs will be available from the time of announcement until the 31st of May 2020 and the data within valid for 60 days from the day of activation. Each household will be able to request for a delivery of one (1) Y E S to Education sim pack per eligible child in a government run public school and up to five (5) Y E S to Education sim packs where eligible as allowed by regulatory authorities to be delivered to their doorsteps.

In order to facilitate seamless and safe delivery of these Y E S to Education sim packs, Y E S has chosen to answer the call of the nation in these challenging times by going above and beyond while still observing mandatory hygiene and safety processes to ensure all Malaysian parents will have access to the necessary data for education and usage of the child.

Wing K. Lee, CEO of YTL Communications Sdn Bhd (Y E S) said, “Education has always been a core part of our DNA at Y E S and our mission of providing the best of mobile connectivity to all Malaysians. In this moment of unprecedented crisis where our country is coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and all of us striving for normalcy and calm, we want to do our part to ensure that our children in this country will not be bound by limitations of geography and accessibility to continue their learning at home. Many families will be stretched to afford the bare essentials and YES understands its role in providing free internet services as part of lessening the burden on the people at this moment of need. We aim to deliver Y E S to Education sim cards right to the door steps to those who need this so that they have free access to the learning resources provided by FrogAsia. Stay safe and stay learning. To this we say Y E S to Education.”

Please visit www.ytlfoundation.org/learnfromhome to apply for the free YES pre-paid sim cards and to register for FrogPlay. For more information about Y E S’ latest promotions and plans, customers can check out Y E S’ official website at www.yes.my.

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 SEPTEMBER 2019 – YES, the mobile 4G brand of YTL Communications and Singapore’s TPG Telecom Pte Ltd have emerged as the first Telecommunications providers in SouthEast Asia (SEA) to launch Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) Roaming. The VoLTE roaming solution is a first in the SEA region and also another milestone for YES, who continues to chart new heights of innovation. YES emerged as the first mobile operator in Malaysia to launch VoLTE service nationwide in June 2016 and remains Malaysia’s only all IP all 4G LTE network provider.

YES, having been the catalyst of new frontier technology in the Malaysian Telecommunications industry continues to deliver many numerous industry firsts including Terragraph and Gigawire networks plus the nation’s first and most advanced nationwide VoLTE service with crystal clear HD voice calls, multi-party conferencing and simultaneous voice and data operations.

Singapore’s government having the foresight for fostering further competition and innovation in Singapore’s Telecommunications industry and through that, introduced TPG as the 4th national Telecommunications operator.

Possessing similar DNA and appetite to pave the way forward to lead the industry’s charge of the next big thing, YES and TPG are pleased to lead the initiative to setup and deploy this new VoLTE roaming service and usher in the next era of innovation for the region. TPG Singapore has emerged as the first in SEA to launch outbound VoLTE roaming with YES complementing as the first network in Malaysia, to open inbound VoLTE roaming traffic from TPG Singapore.

“VoLTE roaming can only be achieved with the collaboration, close cooperation and considerable efforts of multiple mobile operators working to give their subscribers a superior mobile experience regardless of geographical location,” said Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA. “This is an important move for the South East Asia region and we hope to see many additional operators offering similar services in the not so distant future.”

The milestone marks the many firsts of the eventual evolution of frontier telcos that continue to innovate and drive VoLTE adoption across borders. VoLTE roaming will ensure High Definition (HD) quality voice services and all the benefits of VoLTE during roaming which includes faster call connections, longer battery life and enhanced security.

TPG’s Acting CEO, Mr. Richard Tan said, “Malaysia is one of the top destinations for Singaporeans and it is natural for TPG to start there. Many of TPG subscribers can now enjoy free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia on YES network during this promotion period.”

YTL Communications’ CEO, Mr. Wing K. Lee said, “As catalyst players in both geographies, it is only natural for us to join forces in delivering a regional first. We are proud to announce the launch of the region’s first cross border VoLTE roaming where both YES and TPG customers can continue to enjoy quality LTE and VoLTE services when they roam on our networks. This new level of customer experience enhancement is a strong testament of the value of energetic catalysts like TPG and YES can add to our respective countries.”

PENANG, MALAYSIA, 18 February 2019> – YTL Communications Sdn. Bhd. announced today the launch of Terragraph market pilot in Georgetown, Penang to deliver a reliable, affordable and high-speed broadband connection to the heritage city. The deployment, supported by Facebook, would be the first large-scale market pilot in Asia and is aligned with the government’s efforts to invest in and further improve on the country’s digital infrastructure to ensure greater availability of broadband services.

Telecommunications companies, businesses, and other stakeholders are investing in infrastructure and connectivity capabilities to facilitate the adoption of bandwidth-intensive technologies in an effort to usher in the era of Industry 4.0 and encourage a digital leapfrog for Malaysia. Coverage and adoption of fixed broadband services must be further developed to scale to the country’s aspiration, with the aim to achieve broadband connections that are double the speed at half the price.

This industry-led collaboration by YTL Communications, supported by Facebook, is in line with the vision of the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan’s (NFCP) aim to improve broadband quality and coverage, reduce broadband price and enable Internet access for all. In addition, this also complements the “Penang 2030” vision that promotes Penang to be a Family-focused, Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation.

Georgetown, located in a dense and urban area, is also home to one of the largest collections of pre-war buildings in Southeast Asia. The city’s legacy infrastructure and prestigious UNESCO status make it challenging to run fibre to every household, thereby limiting the availability of high-quality broadband Internet access.

The unique proposition of Terragraph enables service providers to deploy low-cost, high-speed connectivity in dense urban and suburban areas by utilizing existing street furniture. Facebook has produced a reference design for Terragraph hardware, including the tools and software needed to operate the technology, that will be leveraged for this pilot. The six-month-long market pilot will include the provision of Public WiFi and Fixed Wireless Access.

YTL Communications saw a unique opportunity to apply this innovative technology to eliminate the need to trench and disrupt a UNESCO heritage city while providing a brand-new gigabit wireless infrastructure. They first announced the intention to deploy a market pilot of Terragraph at the Telecom Infra Project Summit 2018 and turned this vision into reality within months.

“A breakthrough in technology is needed to address the need for better broadband while preserving the uniqueness of Georgetown’s proud UNESCO status,” said Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer of YTL Communications. “Commencing on March 1, we expect the pilot to last up to six months, during which we will learn and plan for the commercial rollout while continuing to explore ways to harness this advanced wireless fiber technology.”

“As the pioneer of 4G in Malaysia, we have built the largest pure-4G network and provide Malaysians with the best data value pricing. The future is wireless. This pilot clearly confirms the viability of wireless as an effective last mile solution. The technical breakthrough in providing gigabit wireless using Terragraph is a preview of the exciting era of 5G.” Wing continued.

“With Terragraph, Facebook is building a robust and collaborative ecosystem of chipset vendors, manufacturers and service providers to bring high-quality connectivity to urban and suburban areas. We are excited to partner with operators like YTL Communications who are deploying Terragraph in order to bring internet connectivity to people who are unconnected or do not currently have fast or reliable access,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, Vice President of Connectivity, Facebook.

“We believe that people, no matter where they live, deserve a consistent, high-bandwidth internet experience. As Malaysia grows its digital economy, high-quality internet connectivity is essential in helping create new opportunities that can strengthen both local communities and global economies,” said Bryan Tan, Head of Connectivity Ecosystem Programs, APAC at Facebook.


Facebook introduced Terragraph in 2016, designed to bring gigabit speed to dense urban areas. Terragraph is the underlying technology bringing gigabit speeds to support data demand of urban residents, visitors and accelerating new smart-city services.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 September 2018 YES has always embraced the true essence of what makes Malaysians awesome beyond brands trying to outdo each other with visually aesthetic festive videos and messages. As a brand that puts Malaysia and Malaysians at the heart of its brand experience and journey, YES wants to go beyond the norm of festive content and strike a chord among audiences that despite our race and religion, on this Malaysia Day, we are united as one and we celebrate together as Malaysians. YES believes that we have an obligation as a bridge of technology to enable possibilities for Malaysians and it starts with an amazing message, contest and amazing offer this Malaysia Day

Starring YES ambassadors, Neelofa and Jack Lim, this video titled “Bersama Kita Bahagia” depicts a group of Malaysians from all walks of life coming together with joy and enthusiasm, to share a part of who they are by singing Chan Mali Chan, a famous, old Malaysian song by Didi & Friends. YES has put a spin on it by tweaking a part of the lyrics to make it truly Malaysian and relatable to the nation. YES believes in defining who Malaysia is as nation to come that is enabled by technology through empowerment of a song that is a fabric of our nation but redefined by the spirit of what is possible by Malaysians.

Everyone has something more to look forward to on Malaysia Day as YES is launching their “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign in conjunction with their new partnership with Touch „n Go. Throughout the campaign period which runs from now until 15 November 2018, YES is giving the opportunity to stand to win a brand new smartphone daily boasting the latest Samsung Note 9, Samsung S9+, Huawei Nova 3i, Vivo Y85 and much more for two months and even a new Perodua Myvi!

YES believes that everyone deserves to have their lives made more amazing and infinitely easier with a smartphone and the right mobile data plan. The “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign is part of the brand‟s initiative to continually engage and reward existing customers as well as those in the general public who are interested in signing up with YES.

YES fully believes that its purpose and ethos lies in enabling global standards of 4G accessibility and devices at third world affordability. The “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign is an embodiment of the same ethos that all Malaysians deserve the very best of connectivity and devices that empowers infinite possibilities for the future that technology will bring.

YES encourages Malaysians to sign up for YES Postpaid and Prepaid plans to be in the running to win smartphones daily for two months whereby the higher the Postpaid plan is and the more you reload Yes Prepaid, the higher the chances of winning. This chance will be doubled up if customers use Touch n Go e-wallet to reload their Yes Prepaid. YES’ last-released brand video titled “Dilema Aira” (Aira’s Dilemma https://youtu.be/16CVuDxQruA ) also showcased a similar theme of bridging the generation gap with the Internet, in which a young woman was struggling with whether to open up and share her social media content with her elderly mother.

On top of that, YES Prepaid customers could also get a chance to bring home spanking new Perodua Myvi car and get RM1,000 worth of Touch „n Go credit by just reloading Yes Prepaid with TnG e-wallet.Winners of the smartphones will be announced daily on YES Facebook page www.facebook.com/yes4g from 1st October 2018 onwards for two months.

The Internet is as indispensable to our daily lives as our smartphones and is a core to families connecting, to businesses thriving in an open competitive environment and simply enriching lives. Using up our data means so much to us in browsing or surfing the web, reading and sending emails, checking social media, and downloading or uploading files and much more. With that comes the demand of higher allocations of mobile data that costs a fraction of the price but also provides seamless and fast Internet.

YES has always believed in its mission and is aligned to the vision of the government of the day and the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia to bring the promise of world class true 4G connectivity at absolutely affordable rates to every Malaysian regardless of rural, semi urban and urban centres.

In this regard, YES is proud to introduce “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM TURBO” Prepaid Data Add-on that offers customers the best of both worlds – unlimited data AND fast connectivity, into an already competitive market. Customers get to enjoy unlimited data allocation for only RM30 for 30 days with the “KONFEM 4G LTE” Data Add-On and on top of that, purchase the “KONFEM TURBO” add-on to experience an extra boost of 4G LTE Internet speed anytime, anywhere at only RM5 daily for 5 GB data, which has no speed capped.

This Malaysia Day will be extra meaningful as it all comes together and culminates with not just a brand message to all Malaysians, an all encompassing “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” to reward all Malaysians and also an all new “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM Turbo” products as a thank you to all Malaysians but also YES presence at RIUH in a 110-year-old building, with a history that dates back to 1905.

Be one of the first to visit YES at RIUH at the historical Sentul Depot for this weekend only, located at the heart of Sentul West to witness an amazing experience.

Sentul Depot boasts a lineage of being a previous ground as a depots, engineering workshops, and storage areas for steam and diesel locomotives and railway cars. Featuring stunning colonial-brickwork buildings and metal sheds and spans over 200,000 square feet. This weekend, this hidden gem will be open to the public for the first time in its 110-year history and YES invites all Malaysians to find out more about “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChan” and its latest “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM TURBO” at the event.

For more information about “Chan Mali Chan #SemuaAdaChance” campaign, please visit https://www.yes.my/tng. To find out more about “KONFEM 4G LTE” and “KONFEM TURBO” Prepaid Data Add-on, customers can check out YES‟ official website at www.yes.my