Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Can I perform multiple purchases in one single transaction on the YES Online Store?
    No, You can only purchase one (1) Product per transaction.
  2. How will I know whether I have successfully purchased the Products from the YES Online Store?
    You will receive an email notification from the YES Online Store once payment is successful. Please take note that you may be required to enter the OTP (One-Time PIN) by your credit card’s issuing bank before payment is successful. The OTP will be delivered to you via SMS by your credit card’s issuing bank.
  3. Can I revise/change my order in the YES Online Store after receiving purchase confirmation?
    No, any revision/change on any of the product after purchase confirmation is not allowed.
  4. Can I cancel my order in the YES Online Store after receiving purchase confirmation?
    No, cancellation on any of the Products once payment is successful is not allowed.
  1. What are the payment methods available in the Yes Online Store?
    Payments can be made via any MasterCard or Visa (credit or debit card) issued by Malaysian banks. If you require any further information, please contact the issuing bank of the credit or debit card for any payment-related enquiries.
  2. If my web browser crashes or if my Internet connection was interrupted at the payment processing page, how would I know if my purchase is successful?
    If your payment is successful, you will receive an email notification
  3. Why was my credit/debit card payment not processed?
    Your credit/debit card company may have declined authorisation for your purchase due to the following reasons:

    – Insufficient credit limit/fund in your account;
    – You may have selected the incorrect card type or keyed in the wrong number or expiry date when placing the order;
    – Incomplete submission of the OTP (One Time Pin) from 3D-Pin Secure for your credit/debit card
    – Failed authentication from invalid password/user ID for you debit card
    – Your credit/debit card company disallows online purchases

  4. Can I place an order using a non-Malaysian credit card?
    No, you can only place an order by using credit/debit cards issued in Malaysia.
  5. What should I do if I was charged on my credit/debit card for a purchase I did not make from the YES Online Store?
    Please contact the issuing bank of your credit/debit card for any payment-related enquiries.
  1. When can I expect the delivery of my orders?
    Delivery of Products will be fulfilled within five (5) Business Days of successful clearance of your payment for the purchase of the Products.
  2. How can I track my orders?
    You can track the status of your order by following these steps:
    • Visit 
    • Click on ‘Track Order Status’
    • Key in the ‘Order Number’ or ‘Consignment Note Number’
    Contact YESCare via email ( and quote your YES Online Store Order Number. For your information, YES Care operating hours is between 8am-11pm daily (inclusive of weekends and Public Holidays).
  3. What time will my item(s) be delivered?
    The Products will be delivered to you on Business Days between 9am and 6pm or between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays.
  4. Can I have my item(s) delivered to an address other than my home address?
    For your convenience, you may provide an alternate delivery address at the order checkout page (before payment submission) such as your office address.
  5. Can I change/update my delivery address after my order is confirmed?
    No, you are not allowed to change/update your delivery address once we confirm your product purchase via email.
  6. What if I am not present on the scheduled delivery date?
    In the event that you are not present at the delivery address on the scheduled delivery date, you will receive a notification from the delivery agent. You are required to contact the delivery agent (whose information will be listed in the notification) to arrange for the re-delivery or to collect your purchase at the nearest courier company branch within a period of five (5) days from the date of the unsuccessful delivery.
  7. What will happen to the product(s) if I am not able to collect them within five (5) days? Your purchase will be returned to us by our delivery agent. In such instances, please contact YES Care via email ( to arrange for collection or re-delivery. YES Care operates between 8am and 11pm daily (inclusive of weekends and Public Holidays). Please take note that additional delivery charges may apply in the event of any re-delivery.
  8. What happens if my delivery goes missing, is damaged or contains the wrong product(s)? If you experience any problem with your delivery, including missing, damage or delivery of a wrong product, please email YES Care operates between 8am and 11pm daily (inclusive of weekends and Public Holidays)
  9. Can you ship my ordered item(s) outside of Malaysia?
    No, your delivery address must be within Malaysia. We do not do international shipping.
  10. What is your return policy?
    We do not accept returns for any purchases. Therefore, please verify your purchase immediately on receiving the Products from the delivery agent
  11. Am I eligible for a refund if I am not satisfied with my product(s)?
    All sales are non-refundable.
  12. How do I request for a replacement if I received the wrong product(s)?
    Return of products are not allowed. You are required to verify your order upon receiving your items from the delivery agent.