Advisory on the use of YES Altitude 3 smartphone and battery
At YES, we value our customers and would like to assure you that we take your safety very seriously.

To safeguard and prolong the usage of your YES Altitude 3, we would like to remind all users of the following: 
•  DO NOT use third party chargers but to use the original power adapter and charging cable supplied with your smartphone to charge your phone;
CHECK your phone battery for signs of swelling. It is not safe to use swollen batteries in any electronic devices.

You can contact YesCare at if you require further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Charging and Using the YES Altitude 3 Smartphone

1. How do I charge my YES Altitude 3 smartphone?
YES Altitude 3 smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries. To extend your battery’s performance, we recommend the following:
• Use the original charger and charging cable provided with your smartphone.
• Do not leave your smartphone charging for long periods of time.
• Do not use your smartphone while charging.

2. Why do smartphones heat up?
Smartphones could heat up due to several factors, including the following:
• Long-running videos or anything that keeps your screen on for long periods of time such as video conference (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.) or gaming.
• Multiple active apps running in the background (Tip: on the YES Altitude 3 smartphone, you can remove background apps simply by clicking the menu button twice (in the bottom right of all the screens) and click “CLEAR ALL”).

3. What is a normal operating temperature for a smartphone?
Our fingertips are a pretty good judge – if you feel the device is warm or hot to the touch, it is time to let our smartphone (and ourselves) catch a break. 

4. What should I do if my smartphone is hot?
If your smartphone is warm to the touch, please ensure there is sufficient airflow around it. We also suggest the following:
• Keep your apps up to date
• Clean up background apps (clicking the menu button twice (in the bottom right of all the screens) and click “CLEAR ALL”)
• Turn on Battery Saver Mode
• Turn the brightness down
• Check the charging cable – a faulty charging cable can cause the charging unit to malfunction. Please ensure the cable is in good condition and change it if necessary
• Do not leave your smartphone on the dashboard in your car, or by the window with direct sunlight

5. How would I know if my smartphone has a swollen battery?
Open the back cover once in a while, and if the battery looks puffy or the centre feels soft, it is likely to be swollen.
Once swollen, the battery should not be used. Please take it out from the smartphone carefully (let it cool off if it is warm to the touch) and properly dispose of it.
Phone battery side

6. Where can I find the terms of use of the smartphone?
Please see